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Chapter Partners: Di and Samantha (Phambano Technology Development Centre NPC)

NetSquared Cape Town Sam and Di

Di has worked in the NGO Sector for the best part of 30 years. Her passion for mentoring,  equipping & helping people to cope with life’s struggles , particularly women & children living under the poverty line in disadvantaged communities, has contributed to many years of operational, project and office management.

Inspired by Mother Teresa’s quote, “I can do things you cannot, you can do things I cannot; together we can do great things”, Di was inspired to network, connect and partner with organisations and businesses to create solutions for social change, employee wellness and operational management and assistance.

Samantha is the Deputy Director of Phambano Technology Development Centre NPC and serves Nonprofits across Southern Africa with Technology and Software Capacity Building Programmes. Samantha has helped develop two programmes exclusively for Nonprofits: #Tech2EndGBV (16 days of activism online resource) and #ThembaSouthernAfrica (Cyberbullying awareness and Online Safety). She has helped administer the global programme TechSoup in 11 African Countries and is dedicated to equipping nonprofits with digital marketing tools and technology training.

Upcoming NetSquared Cape Town Events

27 February 2020 | NPO Meet and Greet – Importance of Good Governance and Board Roles | BOOK NOW

31 March 2020 | The Microsoft Cloud: What is it and why should your Nonprofit use it?

28 May 2020 | NPO Meet and Greet – Creating and maintaining a marketing strategy for your Nonprofit

30 June 2020 | Your NPO has the Cloud, what now?

27 August 2020 | NPO Meet and Greet – Finance and Funding: Let’s connect the dots!

29 September 2020 | Online Safety and Cyberbullying Training for NPOs to use in their communities

17 November 2020 | #16DaysOfActivisim Tech Clinic

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