Hashtag for the network: #NET2Garden

Chapter Partners: Ray Carstens (Suff Academy | George Youth Cafe | Oudtshoorn Youth Cafe) and Magda Pretorius (Meraki)

Ray Carstens started working for SUFF Academy at only 19 years old and have been in youth development for the last 5 years. He likes being creative and likes to work hard. He has a big love and interest in the film and photography industry and has been involved in different film and photography projects in the Western Cape, South Africa as well is in Tromsø, Norway. He is currently the Program Manager for Art and Tech programs of an NPO Suff Academy, which is also managing 3 Youth Cafes in Oudtshoorn, George, and Uniondale

With 25 years’ experience in the telecommunication industry and more specifically, community development Magda Pretorius see’s herself as a ‘connector’: “I love to connect, build and leverage networks to mutual benefit. I view an NGO as I do any other business, with needs for the same resources and support to fulfill their mandate to the community. I also run a small business designing and selling shoes and accessories made from the iconic South African shweshwe fabric.”

Upcoming NetSquared Eden (Garden Route) Events

24 March 2020 | GEORGE | Facebook Bootcamp

26 March 2020 | OUDTSHOORN | Facebook Bootcamp

23 June 2020 | GEORGE | Google Garage – Focus on Google drive

25 June 2020 | OUDTSHOORN | Google Garage – Focus on Google drive

29 September 2020 | GEORGE | Online safety including anti-virus, Setting up passwords, encrypting, etc.

01 October 2020 | OUDTSHOORN | Online safety including anti-virus, Setting up passwords, encrypting, etc.

24 November 2020 | GEORGE | NPO Websites and Google AdWords

26 November 2020 OUDTSHOORN | NPO Websites and Google AdWords

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